New Year’s Rockport Eve is still busy trying to dig their way out of debt for 2013 and make plans for 2014. Please help support us by coming out and having some fun!

New Year’s Rockport Eve Coffee House featuring Janice Fullman & Will Hunt primarily acoustic, however they will be rockin'; Chick & Ellen Marston will be playing swing and finally Labor in Vain with Tucker Lindquist, Dave Saginario & John Loud playing a lot of acoustic Rock ‘N Roll. It has every chance of turning into a dance party! Saturday, December 13th at the Congregational Church Fellowship Hall off of School Street, Rockport starting at 7:30 PM. Coffee & desserts will be available. Advance tickets 978-559-1263 or email

Another Fundraiser we have make awesome Christmas gifts! It is a Lottery Calendar that goes from Dec. 23rd to January 31st, 2015. That’s 40 days. There are ten $100 prizes (Sundays & Holidays) and thirty $50 prizes (all other days.) Your name goes in the bucket to be drawn for each day even if you have won already so you have a chance to win all 40 days. Calendars are $10 each. The drawing will take place on February 2, 2015 for all 40 days so you can buy your calendar up until that date. Buy them for Christmas Gifts for people you mail a gift to. It will be a lot less postage to send! Please call 978-559-1263 or email

Welcome , today is Saturday, December 20, 2014