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***New Year’s Rockport Eve is looking for volunteers. We need a pair of greeters at every door to check buttons, workers in Spiran Hall to sell buttons, souvenirs & food on Dec. 31st as well as people to help set up & clean up the night before & day after. Each volunteer willing to give 2 hours or more receives a free admission button. Please call 978-559-1263 or email to volunteer.***


New Year’s Rockport Eve, on December 31, 2014!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Can I buy buttons on the 31st?

Buttons are sold up to and including the 31st at six locations in Rockport & Gloucester ’til 4pm. and also on December 31st at Spiran Hall (our headquarters) on the corner of Broadway & School Street from noon ’til 11pm.

Bean & Leaf Cafe will be selling buttons at 12 Bearskin Neck and will be open ’til Midnight on December 31st.

• Plenty of on street parking downtown Rockport, no meters! •

Click to download Adobe Acrobat .pdf file of this years 2014 events map.

Click to download Adobe Acrobat .pdf file of this years 2014 schedule of events.

Donations to help NYRE may be made at any time.


Here are this year’s events for 2014.  Get ready to join us again this year!


7:00 to 10:00 Dock Square

Gloucester Area Astronomy Club will have telescopes set up

Weather permitting, on New Year’s Eve the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club will have telescopes set up in Dock Square from 7:00 to 10:00, for public viewing of our moon, Jupiter and its moons, and some objects far, far outside our solar system as well. There will be guided tours of the constellations, NASA educational activities and handouts for all ages; you can learn how to read a sky map, and see different types of telescopes and learn how they work. Come appreciate the wonders of the night sky, and start the new year with a new appreciation of how enormous and spectacular the universe is.


1. Community House Downstairs 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

Eddie Gardner – Magician

Eddie Gardner – Magician – Has over 36 years of experience. Presently the 1st Vice President of the Salem Assembly of the American Magicians, active member of the prestigious Masonic Magic association ( Invisible Lodge), member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, advisor for the Society of Young Magicians. Over many years have been presented numerous awards and citations, including Magician of the year award.  Eddie performs many hundreds of shows each year with a vast variety and diversity for any age or application. Comedy and entertainment is always first. Eddie has performed for all 18 years of New Year’s Rockport Eve.


1. Community House Downstairs 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM

Bumbly & Abbess Phinn – Medieval, Renaissance Story Tellers

Traditional Stories and songs for both young and old. An old friend once said to me, “A good story takes away the troubles for awhile and leaves a smile in their place”. So please come and listen to a story or two and maybe you’ll find a smile to chase away your troubles for a time. Bumbly Phinn and his wife, Abbess Phinn are colorful Medieval, Renaissance style characters who tell stories in word and song. They are the directors and coordinators of the Abbadia Mare Festival at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA and the new owners of Silver Kingdom Renaissance Faire in Charlton, Ma August 15 & 16, 2015.  For more information please visit their website and


1. Community House Upstairs 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Jah Spirit – Reggae Band

Since 1984, Jah Spirit’ music has sent a message of peace and freedom while celebrating social consciousness and universality among all peoples. Under the dynamic leadership of writer, composer, singer Ras Michael I, the group blends an African-Reggae beat with elements of calypso jazz, blues and rock. Ras Michael, a native of Trinidad, captivates his audiences with spellbinding lyrics and a stage presence that has been described as charismatic, highly energetic and spirited. Interaction between the audience and the musicians is a recognized trademark of Jah Spirit. This band presents an unforgettable stage show – not just a concert. The band’s accomplishments include nomination for the prestigious Boston Music Awards outstanding reggae band, repeat performances at Boston’s celebrated “First Night” extravaganza and several opening shows for Jimmy Cliff and Toots and the Maytals. Jah Spirit was the first reggae band to be placed on the New England Foundation for the Arts Roster of recommended and endorsed performers. Jah Spirit’s appeal reaches across the many boundaries of music appreciation as exhibited by the wide variety of venues where they have been invited to perform. These include nightclubs, schools, weddings, celebrations, hotels, museums and parties.


2. Methodist Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM


Although we try to take our listeners to far away places with our music, we often find universal themes right in our own lives, our own roots. The sea around us often dominates our music, but family life and ties to the shore are very strong for both of us.  “Daisy Nell”, native of Essex, MA, mainstay of the shipbuilding industry for over 300 years, brings New England’s maritime history alive through traditional and contemporary songs of the sea. A familiar voice on the North Shore music scene, she is known for her broad repertoire of traditional folk, chanteys, and contemporary songs. Her husband, “Capt. Stan”, adds his guitar to Daisy’s banjo and guitar. Together they cover a lot of territory, from the foc’s’le to the farm! Daisy has been associated with school programming for many years as a free-lance in-school artist, nursery school music teacher, and museum educator. She also has written and implemented on board interpretative programs on various vessels, including the Mimi and the schooner Adventure. Daisy is the chair of the Gloucester Schooner Festival, now in its 30th year. Stan Collinson started out in high school folk groups and moved on to a performing duo in college with mandolin titan Taylor Armerding of Northern Lights fame. Since the sale of their Essex business, Gaybrook Garage, Stan might be found tuning the rig of their Schooner Redbird, a brigantine that they sailed home to Cape Ann from Virginia last year. Stan was also at the helm of his free-range turkey farm for many years, back when he was “Farmer Stan”. Sadly, Boundary Farm is no longer raising birds, but the occasional off course sea gull roosts on the roof. Their music is a shared love, and they hope to share it with you. Their band Crabgrass consists adds the talents of Pat Conlon on mandolin and Jack Schwartz on bass. Daisy Nell is the author of 4 children’s books and the Parent’s Choice Award winning family CD, Bought Me A Rooster.


2. Methodist Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM
Tom Eaton & Pick 3 – Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Country Music

Pick 3 is a group of acoustic “pickers” and singers, all with a passion for American roots music. They play a lively mix of Bluegrass, Country, Blues and Celtic music. Delivering fine picking combined with strong vocals, they weave through a diverse and entertaining program sharing a genuine warmth, enthusiasm, and sensitivity.

Tom Eaton (guitar & vocals) has brought his music to more than fifteen foreign countries, traveling through Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas. He toured extensively with bluegrass and country bands from the Rocky Mountain region; performed with Tim O’Brian, Country Gazette, Newgrass Revival among many others. After moving east, Tom was a founding member of two well known acoustic string bands in the New York tri-state area. Tom’s prowess on the fretboard has brought him into a wide variety of performance venues including television, radio, festivals, concerts, and recording projects.

Pat Conlon (mandolin, harmonica, & vocals) has been a performer on the local Cape Ann music scene for over thirty years. He has performed a wide variety of musical genres and styles including blues and rock with the local favorites, The Gumby Bros. and Megawatt Blues Crushers, swing music with Backyard Swing as well as bluegrass with Blue Horizon and Old Cold Tater, of which he was a founding member. He has been featured as a guest performer with local luminaries Chick Marston and Ellen Ford, Daisy Nell and Capt. Stan, Fozzie Hill, Fly Amero, and many others.

Ken Steiner (bass) has been playing upright bass for over forty years in the Boston area. In addition to playing with Pick 3, Ken has been active in several genres, having performed with jazz artists Gray Sargent, Dave Whitney, Kenny Davern, blues artists Ron Levy, Bob Margolin, Lisa Marie, Barrett Anderson, Dave B & the HotShots, country acts Twilight Ranchers, Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs, as well as Gloucester favorites Ric St. Germain, Greg Tower, Linda Amero and Phil Doucet. Ken has also served as principal bassist for the Newton Symphony Orchestra.


2. Methodist Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Dan King – Roots of Blues, Folk & Rock

Dan King has been a musical mainstay on Cape Ann and Beyond for over twenty years. 

A writer, producer, musician, entertainer, licensed agent, and engineer who has worked with countless musicians over a long and varied career.  His original band KBMG features musical luminaries David Brown, Dave Mattacks, and Wolf Ginandes who’s resume together features an A list of music history.   KBMG have been performing Dan’s original music for 10 years plus and recorded several releases, featured on radio, performing at Berklee Performance Center, and reviewed highly in the US and Europe.

Dan also wrote and produced most of the Bandit Kings music, four releases which are still featured on Sirius XM, and have performed from Los Angeles to Boston. His work in the theater with Artist Jon Sarkin doing multimedia, producing Safety 80s Revue (Now a local dance favorite), and Dan’s bass playing with reggae locals the Glostafarians are just a few examples of a well rounded and interesting well of musical and artistic knowledge that Dan is always expanding.  Performing Solo since his year stint in San Francisco Cafe’s and Clubs in the early 90s,  Dan knows how to feel out a room and make the song stand out in all it’s raw glory, using the Harmonica to accentuate the roots of blues, folk, and rock for which he takes to heart.  Understated with a bit of edge yet smooth in character makes a Dan King performance interesting, soothing, and rooted deep in the waters of Cape Ann. 

On this new years eve, my first in Rockport,  I’ll be playing all of my best and most requested original songs plus an assortment of classic folk rock and blues people will surely recognize and be able to sing along with.  Looking forward to having a great time with everyone and saying goodbye to 2014 in style.


3. Fire Station Upstairs 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

Tony Toledo – Story Teller

Tales from Toledo. Storyteller Tony Toledo paints pictures between your ears as he tells The Scary Hand, and Repelling With George and The Two Tigers.   As you listen sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you jump, always you will leave smiling and remembering grand stories.

Tony Toledo has been telling stories to pay his rent since 1990.  Tony has performed for elementary students, library patrons and stranded folks at Logan Airport.  Tony was given the Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Storytelling Award by last spring for all his support of storytelling in New England.  Tony is 57 years old but reads at a 68 year old level.  He loves visiting Rockport and getting an eye full of great art.


3. Fire Station Upstairs 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM
The Dorymates with Nick Hilliard – Celtic music and songs of the sea

The Dorymates, Tony Hilliard and Janet Ruth Young, are a husband and wife singer/songwriter team specializing in Celtic music and songs of the sea. They have presented musical programs and singalongs at the Antique and Classic Boat Show, the Greenport (NY) Tall Ships Challenge, the Southampton (NY) Historical Society, and numerous churches, libraries, restaurants, coffeehouses, and nursing homes, as well as on North Shore and Boston-area radio stations. Tony, an EMT and retired police officer, has been featured on WCVB-TV’s Chronicle as the Singing Sergeant of the Rockport Police Department. He has performed in every New Year’s Rockport Eve since its inception. Janet is a novelist and editor. The Dorymates live in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where they often appear with the sea chantey group Three Sheets to the Wind.

The son of Tony Hilliard and Kathleen Hilliard, Nick frequently performs as a duo with his father and has been a summertime busker on Bearskin Neck. A graduate of Rockport High School and the Massachusetts School of Pet Grooming, Nick is also at work on several movie screenplays.


3. Fire Station Upstairs 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Three Sheets to the Wind – A chantey/sea music group 

Three Sheets to the Wind is a chantey and sea music group out of Gloucester, MA. Weekly sings on Monday evenings, now held at the Dog Bar in Gloucester from 6 to 9 pm, have been ongoing for almost 12 years. The group has performed in venues such as The Gloucester’s Mayor’s Cup schooner races, Essex Music Festival, Mystic Sea Music Festival 2006, Essex Shipbuilding Museum Basin Fest, Essex Clamfest, Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festivals, Lowell’s Boat Shop events, Salem Antique and Wooden Boat Shows, Press Room Shanty sings, Tall Ship’s Portsmouth, Charles Morgan Homecoming – New Bedford, USS  Constitution/Museum, Rocky Neck Nights on the Neck, Gloucester Reads Literacy events, Gloucester Block Parties and Middle Street Walks, shipboard events, museum and school events as well as a few funerals, birthdays and weddings. The singers and players that make it all possible include the following: Peter and Audi Souza, Tim Perkins, Alex Thompson, Liz Duff, Michael, Paolucci, Bob and Mary Barker, Barry O’ Brien, Martha Bowen, Leslie Wind, Tony Hilliard, Janet Ruth Young, Chris Leghorn, Chuck Sheffreen, Steve Willard, Ray Spiecker, Judy Keith, Marty Stock, Ernie Pigeon, Amy DeSilva, Graham and Jan Walker, Mike McMahon, John Meurling, Moira Kelly, Pamela Owen, George Grimes and many other voices who often join in with the crew. Many who participate have years of established song and sea history to offer as we roar up a storm of song and good cheer for our audiences. Good power vocals and terrific harmonies arise wherever we go….we also have a good time and enjoy what we do….as will be seen. Good cheer abounds. Audience participation is a must!!!! Come join us…….


4. Unitarian Universalist Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

Bagpipes & Drums – Members of the Stuart Highlanders Pipe Band
A Proud Tradition

Matthew Phelps began piping at the age of eight under the instruction of Pipe Major Thomas Shearer, a graduate of the pipe major’s course at Edinburgh Castle taught by the legendary Willie Ross. He later attended the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. There he studied under Ed Neigh, Bob Worrall, Bruce Gandy, John Walsh, Fred Morrison, and R. S. Macdonald among other influential pipers of our time. Matthew also attended Saint Andrews Presbyterian College on scholarship for piping and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Matthew has competed throughout the Eastern United States as well as in Canada and Scotland. In 1998 he placed first in the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association rankings for grade 1 and was promoted to open or professional competitive status in 1999. Phelps has played with the Trumbull and District Pipe Band of Connecticut, The Gaelic College Pipe Band of Nova Scotia, the Saint Andrews College Pipe Band of North Carolina, the Tulach Ard Pipe Band of Massachusetts, and the Halifax Regional Police Pipes & Drums of Nova Scotia. He also was a member of the Pipes & Drums of the 78^th Highlanders when he worked as a re-enactor at the Citadel National Historic Site in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Phelps is currently the Pipe Major of the Stuart Highlanders (grade IV) of Wilmington, Massachusetts. Phelps has played at hundreds of events including weddings, funerals, birthday parties, trade shows, Burns Suppers, bachelor parties, summer camp festivities, clam bakes, graduations, grand openings, and political campaign marches. He has opened concerts for Niamh Parsons, John Whelan, J. P. Cormier, and the Norwalk Youth Symphony. He has played in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and at Brunnenburg Castle in Italy. This Summer, Matt led the Stuart Highlanders for 2 weeks of performances at the Basel Military Tattoo in Switzerland. Phelps has taught students to play the pipes in New England, North Carolina, Alaska, and in Canada.

John Whittaker began drumming in Rockport in 1978, where High School Band director Jim Davidson was kind enough to let him bash away on the school set. Schoolmate and Elvis impersonator Paige Poole gave him his first drum lesson there as well. Two years later, he took formal snare lessons in Oakland, ME from Harold Breen, a rudimental expert and percussionist. In 1982 he studied with the late renowned drum set player, author and teacher Alan Dawson. In the mid-eighties, John was the house drummer for Green Street Station’s Blues jam in Jamaica Plain. He played in various groups around Boston and Cambridge including: Just Visiting, Milo Jones, Kenny Highland’s country project and Fred Long’s Spacemen, exploring “the transducer family of instruments”. The latter culminated in a joint performance with Dorothy Carter and Robert Rutman’s US Steel Cello ensemble. Another notable gig was with the Geoff Pango Band, sharing billing with Ritchie Havens, Don McLean and Bilbo the Singing Dog. He also played with The Drywall Screw, a band described by his father as, “The worst crap I have ever heard in my life! It’s not even music!” Shifting gears, he studied North Indian Classical Drumming (tabla) for 4 years with the late Pandit Shashi Nayak. In 1992 John settled into the art of Highland snare drumming, joining the Stuart Highlanders for 5 years and studying under champion drummer Donald MacLeod. Since then he has competed successfully in Grade 3, and has played with several bands, notably the Rhode Island Highlanders. From 2002 to 2008 he has been with the Stuarts as they’ve grown successful outfits in Grades 5, 4 and 3 under drum Sgt. Ken MacLeod. For the 2009 season, John was interim drum Sgt. of the Grade 4 band with P.M. Matt Phelps. He now plays under Stewart Marshall in the Grade 4 band, where they had recently taken 4th place in drumming at the North American Championships. This Summer, John traveled with the Stuart Highlanders to Switzerland to take part in 2 weeks of performances at the Basel Military Tattoo. For more information visit:


4. Unitarian Universalist Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM Michael O’Leary and Friends – traditional Celtic music

The ‘January Man’ is coming and we’re so glad to be back for another New Year’s in Rockport!  Please join us as we send out the old year and bring in the new with a selection of traditional songs and tunes from the Celtic countries. Michael is joined anew by friends BOB & JEN STROM and DAVID DE LA BARRE.  MICHAEL is a traditional singer of Irish, Scottish and English songs and ballads. A native of South Dakota who has soaked up songs and the sea air of Cape Ann for the past twenty years, he has performed at the Boston Celtic Music Festival, the Irish Connections Festival and the New England Folk Festival and hosts Celtic music sunset sails on the Gloucester schooner Thomas E. Lannon (come sail with us next summer!).  BOB & JEN play together regularly north-of-Boston at sessions, Irish pubs and local festivals. Though Jen began as mainly a contra-dance fiddler, she is now a serious Irish fiddler as well as a singer of traditional songs from the British Isles, American ballads and contemporary folk songs, backed-up by Bob’s tasteful guitar work. Their first CD ‘Round the Bend can be found at  DAVID is a musician who has been performing Celtic music since 1985. Formerly with the quartet “Cáirde” in the Pioneer Valley area of western Massachusetts, he now resides in Gloucester. Until moving away from western Massachusetts he performed in the annual production of “Welcome Yule: a Mid-Winter Celebration” for over 10 years.  Besides harmony vocals, his main instruments are tin whistles, Scottish smallpipe, Anglo concertina and bodhrán.  Michael and the Stroms host a bi-weekly Celtic music session on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays from 5:30-8:30 at 7 Central in Manchester – come join them for the ‘craic’ (that’s Irish for fun!).  See


4. Unitarian Universalist Church 10-10:45 PM New Year’s Eve Peace Service

The Rockport Unitarian Universalist Church will hold its’ 18th New Year’s Eve Peace Service. There will be music, readings and meditation.


4. Unitarian Universalist Church 11-11:45 PM
No Performance – Happy New Year!


5. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

Amy Seabrook – Puppeteer 

Adventures with Amy Puppets present 3 skits. The storefront of one of the puppets looks like a trash dump and she can’t seem to sell her toys and items to anyone. Will she clean it up or won’t she? Would you buy a toy in that mess?

Amy Seabrook is a Rockport resident living with her husband, John and cat, Astrid. Their daughter, Lucretia, works with autistic young adults. Amy’s year round work includes time spent as teacher, fine artist, and dancer.


5. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM
Chick & Ellen – Blues & Swing

CHICK & ELLEN have been performing regularly in and around Cape Ann for quite a while.  Audiences just love the sound of Chick’s masterful guitar-work blending with the pitch-perfect richness of Ellen’s voice.  These two stellar musicians delight with a diverse and entertaining program that features mostly blues & swing, but also country, folk, sea-chanteys, and light-hearted banter about the agony and the ecstasy of the long-married couple.

CHICK MARSTON (fingerstyle & slide guitar, vocals, banjo) born and raised in Rockport, was a commercial fisherman who played his bar room blues in waterfront saloons from the Maritimes to Miami.  He met his Brooklyn-born wife, ELLEN FORD (vocals, guitar, ukulele), in Tampa, where she was working in a waterfront club as a traditional jazz singer.

Chick & Ellen have shared the stage with some of Cape Ann’s most celebrated performers and groups, including Old Cold Tater, Allen Estes, Fly Amero, David Brown, and Daisy Nell.  Lately, they have been mostly playing with their new acoustic supergroup, Down Home Swing, but tonight they are thrilled to be performing at their 10th NYRE as an acoustic duo.


5. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Peter Hi-Fi Ward & Electric Blues – Electric Blues

Raised in Maine, Peter moved to Boston where he played guitar alongside blues artists such as Jimmy Rogers, Otis Rush, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Junior Wells and Buddy Guy.

In the 1980s, he toured the U.S. and Europe with the Legendary Blues Band whose members had backed the great Muddy Waters. They included Pinetop Perkins, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith and Jerry Portnoy.

Peter was married to the late blues radio host Mai Cramer and each year organizes a blues concert fundraiser at the Regent Theatre in her honor. His brother, Mudcat, plays bass for Sugar Ray & the Bluetones.

In 2010, Peter produced “Goodbye Liza Jane: Hello Western Swing!” a tribute to the King of Western Swing Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. It featured Herb Remington, who played steel guitar for Bob Wills in the 1940s and 1950s. Contact: Peter Ward


6. Library-Peggy Brenner Room 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

Mari Martin Quartet – jazz/blues/soul/and a little rock-n-roll

For over twenty years, Mari Martin has been entertaining audiences from California to Massachusetts with her signature stage presence and soulful vocals.
Having worked with Kenny Loggins and opened for and shared the stage with such luminaries as Alan Parsons, WAR, Tower of Power, Average White Band and more, Mari has moved back to her hometown of Rockport to be closer to family.  With a repertoire spanning many genres, you won’t want to miss this special performance.
My website


6. Library-Peggy Brenner Room 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM

Lorraine and Bennett Hammond – Peace on Earth
Lorraine and Bennett Hammond play and sing in perfect complement: blending their instruments with consummate skill, they create a new voice for music that ranges in style from classical through Celtic, blues and contemporary.
The joy they take in their music is contagious, and their flair for tailoring their selection of songs and tunes for individual audiences lends a lively freshness to each performance.

Lorraine renowned master of the Appalachian dulcimer, also plays banjo, mandolin and Celtic harp and is an expressive singer and songwriter. Bennett, a superb finger-style guiterist and recent convert to the five string banjo, names “the three Bs”, Bach, the blues and Buddy Holly, as major influences.

Together, The Hammonds are versatile musicians and engaging entertainers. Their warm stage presence is punctuated with wry humor and their command of their instruments and musical genres is without flaw. The Boston Globe calls them “a dazzling, witty, eclectic, delightful duo.”

The duo’s repertoire ranges in style from classical through Celtic, blues and contemporary. They sing both traditional and original songs and can be heard on over thirty recordings as featured artists, or enhancing the work of performers including Archie Fisher, Lui Collins and Bob Franke. Christine Lavin and Heidi Mueller are among the artists who have covered Hammond originals.

The Hammonds are folk missionaries of the first order, devoted cultural activists, teachers, event organizers, and performers who love to introduce people to the joys of traditional music.


6. Library-Peggy Brenner Room 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM
Will Hunt, Janice Fullman and Friends, Formerly The Terrestrials – Contemporary Folk, Pop, Rock Gems, Rhythm & Blues & Originals

Janice Fullman and Will Hunt bring their tight harmonies and eclectic repertoire of originals, rock, folk, R&B classics, and forgotten gems to New Year’s Rockport Eve. Performing on acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, sax, and flute, the duo is seen here at Gloucester’s popular Block Party. Both musicians play around Cape Ann with numerous musical friends, often teaching or working with other musicians… some of whom may appear in guest spots at this show.

You’ll be sure to leave humming an old favorite…or rushing to the Internet to find out just what that great song was you just heard…a deep cut by Zevon? or Lowell George? An old soul classic? or Lucinda Williams, or Richard Thompson? You’ll be singing along and hopping around! Dancing in the aisles!

Be there and see!


7. Spiran Hall Downstairs 5-11:30 PM – 

“HEADQUARTERS” – BUY YOUR BUTTONS HERE ON NEW YEAR’S EVE (ALL DAY & NIGHT 12/31/2014 from noon ‘til 11:30 PM) Adults: $20 adults 18 plus, $15 Youth 13-17, $5 children 12 & under, 3 & under, free–no button needed – PICK UP A PROGRAM TO HELP FIND YOUR WAY AROUND OUR CELEBRATION

Buy your button ahead of time – Great Christmas presents

Pre-Sale Button Prices (Any button purchased before 12/31/2014) $17 for adults, $12 for youth, and $5 for children, regardless of whether the button is bought at a store or online.  There is a $1/button service charge for online purchases prices would actually be $18, $13, and $6 online through PayPal on our website:




New for 2014!  R3 Sons Fun Emporium, 6 Dock Square

Also New for 2014! Rite Aid, Whistlestop Mall
Bean & Leaf Cafe, 12 Bearskin Neck
John Tarr Store, Main St.
Smith hardware & Lumber at the Lumber Desk, 3 Station Square
Toad Hall Bookstore, Main St.

In Gloucester:
New for 2014! Building Center, Harbor Loop
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Commercial St.
House of Raven, Main St.


7. Spiran Hall Downstairs 5-11:30 PM
GIFT SHOP – Souvenirs, Noise Makers, Raffles, Novelties & Admission Buttons


7. Spiran Hall Downstairs 5-11:30 PM 

COFFEE HOUSE – Hot Dogs, Ellen’s Harborside’s Clam Chowder, Wally’s Blackburn Bistro’s Chili, Wally’s Blackburn Bistro’s Pulled Pork sliders, Snacks, Popcorn, Soda, Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate for sale


7. Spiran Hall Downstairs 6:00-9:00 PM 
Clowns – Face Painting & Balloon Making

More fun than anyone has a right to!!! For children of all ages. Get your face painted while you wait for your animal balloon to be created.


7. Spiran Hall Downstairs 6-11:00 PM  

Psychic, Tarot, Stone & Past Life and Medium Readings – For Amusement Only

A psychic reading with either Terry Milton, Gail Wall or Moriah Vecchia is not a “fortune-telling experience”, but rather an ethical, professional reading done with integrity, sensitivity and sincerity.

Stone Readings: Terry Milton. Drawing on her psychic talents, her kinship with the earth, her knowledge of similarities between human nature and Mother Nature, and her love and appreciation for the “Mineral Kingdom”, Terry Milton, a.k.a. “The Stone Lady”, provides an up-beat, down to earth reading that is suitable for children as well as adults.
Discover the similarities that exist between stones and people as you select from a wide assortment of stones, crystals, gems, and fossils! Start the New Year off with the realization that you, too, are a gem!

Tarot Readings: Gail Wall has over 15 years experience as a professional, working with Tarot, Psychometry, PhoPhotometry and Mediumship. Certified Tarot Reader with the American Tarot Certification Board.

Intuitive Studies Certification completed at Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA.

A typical reading starts with the Tarot Waite Deck followed Fairy Elemental Cards and finishing with the Twelve Houses of the Astrology Spread.

Mediumship is bridging the gap between the Spirit world and our Earth Plane. The medium links the energy of the sitter connecting Spirit on the otherside of life. Gail provides Photometry Mediumship using a photograph that you provide to facilitate the connection.

Gail works in these methods to bring you validation from the person in Spirit. Often they want to relay to you messages of guidance, love and messages about something that only you would know. Often Spirit (your loved one) comes in to communicate unfinished business. These communications are sacred and as such deserve that respect during a “sitting”.

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant Moriah Vecchia.  Ocean of Soul Answers to All Your Life Questions  with Spiritual Intuitive, Past Life Guide,  Psychic Medium, Animals and Angels Spirit Guides, Medicine Woman Healer. Moriah’s Rainbow Path of offerings is for your highest unfoldment, illumination, delight and healing. As one with the gifts of Spirit: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant,  she sees, hears, feels and has an inner knowing. You are welcome to ask her any question for a divinely guided answer.

Born to devout , loving, Catholic parents began Moriah’ journey of asking the deeper questions. She discovered  angels, mystics, reincarnation and metaphysics. As an English teacher, professional storyteller and children’s drama director, she grew her creativity, listening and intuitive abilities. She’ ll make you smile when she picks up her prop of  a spirit phone to start your reading !

She is an experienced, native trained shaman, interfaith minister, hospice chaplain. Moriah is a highly trained past life regression therapist and a soul reader able to see your pastlives for understanding present life relationships, illness and patterns. Her bicoastal practice includes private sessions, group presentations and workshops.And she is moving to Cape Ann so come by and welcome her home ! and


7. Spiran Hall Upstairs 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM Irish Step Dancers

Brady • Kenny • O’Brien Academy of Irish Dance North and South Shore

Instructors: Michael Kenny T.C.R.G., A.D.C.R.G. & Rose Kenny T.C.R.G., A.D.C.R.G.

Michael was born in Birmingham, England to Irish parents. He took Irish Step Dance for 13 years and enjoyed a very successful competitive career with many accomplishments, including regional titles, bronze at The All Ireland, World & The Great Britain Championships.  He took his T.C.R.G. with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha in Dublin in 1993 and opened The Kenny Academy in The Irish Centre, Birmingham.  The school  was established for 21 years and achieved many successes at all the major Irish Dance Championships, winning  numerous awards in both solo and team events at The World, All Ireland,The Midlands Oireachtas, Great Britian, British Nationals, American Nationals, All Scotland & European Championships.

Michael has a wealth of experience to offer, having taught Irish step dance as his full time occupation since 1993. His mission is to continue to pass on the traditional art of Irish dance to his students on the North Shore, as he did in Birmingham for so long.

Rose ( nee O’Brien ) was born in Galway, Ireland and took Irish step dance for 12 years and enjoyed many successes in her competitive career. She achieved many accomplishments including regional titles in both solo and teams and top 10 medal placements at all the major Irish dance championships, including the prestigious All Ireland & World Championships.  Rose began teaching at The O’Brien school in Galway alongside her sister Breda in 1988 and the school instantly enjoyed many achievements and successes. The school obtained their first regional title after only 10 months of teaching. The school was established for 16 years and their achievements included 22 World titles in both solo & team events, 100 regional titles and numerous All Ireland, American Nationals, British Nationals, Great Britain, All Scotland and European titles.

Rose moved to Birmingham in April 2004 and taught alongside her husband Michael at The Kenny Academy for 10 years, again achieving many successes together, most recently a World Championship title in London 2014. Collectively they have 30 World Championship titles along with all their other achievements.

Rose also has a wealth of experience to offer having taught Irish step dance as her full time occupation for 26 years. Rose taught in the schools in Ireland as part of the school program. She also taught non competitive classes alongside competitive classes. Her mission is now to pass on her love of the tradition of Irish dance to her students on the North Shore.

Michael’s and Rose’s mission is to establish and offer a supportive and friendly environment for all dancers at all levels. Children from the age of 4 may enroll at any time throughout the year. All classes will cater for both competitive and non competitive pupils. Families will be encouraged to participate at a level which is comfortable for them. No distinction will be made between competitive and non competitive dancers, and all dancers will be afforded the opportunity to perform at various events throughout the year


7. Spiran Hall Upstairs 8-8:45PM

No performance – set up time for ’60s Invasion


7. Spiran Hall Upstairs 9-9:45, 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM 

‘60s Invasion – 60s Rock ‘N Roll Band

‘60s Invasion is a show band featuring music of the 1960’s. You will see tributes of Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan or Roy Orbison in costume. You may also experience the band performing ten to fifteen minute segments as follows:

TV of the Sixties. Music and trivia from television shows of the sixties.

 ‘60s Invasion plays popular hits of the Four Seasons. The band plays hits from the sixties that had connection with the seasons; fall, winter, spring and summer.

The History of Rock. Information, trivia and music from 1910 to 1960.

Although this band mostly performs in concerts, ‘60s Invasion is also available for almost any other kind of event including anniversary parties, reunions, weddings, corporate events, etc.

NEWS: ‘60s invasion’s new Christmas CD, Incense and Chia Pets, is now available! There are 13 tracks including Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree featuring blue grass star, Sierra Hull. Check out for more information.


8. Baptist Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM  
The Fabulous Bullock Brothers – Gospel

The Fabulous Bullock Brothers is a gospel group of brothers, fathers and sons, led by the Rev. George Bullock. They formed in 1950 and continue a Gospel singing tradition passed on to them from their father, known as “Singing Walter”, as he traveled the Revival Circle in their home state of North Carolina. The group combines traditional and contemporary gospel music, which celebrates Christianity. Their harmonies and vocal styles preserve Southern Black church traditions, such as leader response and congregation. The group’s stage presentation is very joyful, and reminiscent of revival music. They perform such old time favorites as “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, and “Go Down Moses.” They combine their traditional Gospel style with contemporary accompaniment, which includes guitars keyboard and percussion. The Fabulous Bullock Brothers have performed at Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Cambridge Multicultural Arts and at festivals and First Night celebrations throughout New England. The group has recently toured Spain to very enthusiastic audiences and was awarded “Living Legends Award” by the House of Blues.


8. Baptist Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM
The Jolly Rogues – Seafaring Songs

This talented band of musicians and singers has a varied, intriguing repertoire of 18th and 19th Century material from period commemorative, tavern/drinking, romantic ballads, sea shanties, children’s ditties, songs of revolt. Included among the songs are those which invite listening (instrumentals), clapping and foot tapping or singing along with a solo or harmonic melody. Others may invoke a melancholy mood. Among the titles will be found “Rosin the Bow”, “Lizzie Lindsay”, “Captain Kidd”, “All for Me Grog”, “Yankee Doodle”, “Star of the County Down”, “The Parting Glass”, “Rattlin Bog”, “Boston Harbor Shanty” plus “Harvest Home”, “Mermaid”, “Boys of Blue Hill”, “Johnny has Gone for A Soldier”, “Three Jolly Coachmen”, “Maid of Amsterdam”, “Greenland Whale Fishery”. Depending on the programs purpose and musical selection, The Rogues appear attired in either 18th or 19th Century clothing or a combination of the two periods, adding to the color and charm of the performance. Each musical selection has a prelude explanation of the songs history, folklore and meaning. A myriad of emotions is expected to be experienced by the audience.  They stay pretty true to olde times as well, and if you see them perform you’ll probably find them dressing in three-cornered hats and knickers and using traditional instruments. We have played on the Schooner Fame out of Salem MA sunset cruises and at George’s Island as part of Boston’s 4th of July Celebration. We have played at the  Germany Sea Shanty Festival, England save the War of the Roses Battlefield and were special guests of Beijing China in 2006. Jim Murray recently returned from  China again on May 1, 2014 with the Boston Rovers. The Rogues are carving out a unique niche in local musical entertainment. Why not make them a part of your experience?


8. Baptist Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM
Stämbandet – The Scandinavian Vocal

Founded in 1978, Stämbandet is twelve singers from Scandinavia with a reputation for excellence both as an a cappella ensemble and a World Music vocal group. Presenting songs rarely heard outside of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, this captivating vocal band often breaks into six- and seven- part harmonies sung in six languages. Led by Allen LeVines, musical director since 1985, Stämbandet performs a wide range of a cappella folk traditions unique to Scandinavia, including “trall” – singers imitating fiddlers playing dance music – a practice that has been compared to scat singing.

Stämbandet’s cultural contributions have rarely been placed in perspective, for even within Scandinavia there are few vocal ensembles solely dedicated to the preservation and performance of traditional Nordic song. American-influenced “pop” styles have taken over and continue to dominate not just Scandinavia, but virtually the world. So it is especially significant that in the United States Stämbandet exists at all, where it is the only group of its kind — not only striving for performances of high artistic merit, but carefully researching the music’s origin and history, thereby introducing to the public many other facets of Scandinavian culture.

The long term committment of the singers has helped ensure Stämbandet’s cohesiveness of sound and cultural identity. Almost all of the vocalists were born in Scandinavia.

“…the singer’s voices are pure and clear, and the songs are of a folk tradition that sounds fresh and new to American ears.”
– Guy Van Duser, Rounder Records

“Stämbandet moved in sparkling harmonies from soft to loud, brightly busy to darkly elegiac.”
– Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe


9. Scout Hall 6-6:45, 7-7:45 & 8-8:45 PM 

Tuukis – Rock ‘N Roll
Terri Deveau, Lead Vocalist not only loves singing, Terri also loves her family. Her Father always said that when she was born, the doctor spanked her and she didn’t cry, she sang. Having started singing at a very young age, with her first band Opposite Corners, she was still too young to play in local clubs, but did play at several private functions. Then Terri joined Persuader, this long lived band played the local club scene and functions but is probably best remembered for outrageous annual Halloween parties. Marriage took Terri away from the music scene for way too many years but at a Persuader reunion in 2011, Terri wowed those in attendance with her amazing voice and she got the rock and rolls again. Fortunately for Tuukis, when asked to join the band, she accepted and fit right in not only with her incredible voice, but with her charming personality as well. To say she was the missing piece of the Tuukis puzzle would be an understatement. We are truly blessed to have her.
John Silveira on Lead Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals is the master of guitar sound with an incredible ability to make it sound just the way you remember it. John recently commented that he was seriously considering playing the bass guitar. Thankfully he did not as he was born to be an accomplished guitarist. John’s resume includes several successful bands, including: B.O.N.G. (Best of No Good), Sweetwater, Freestyle, Persuader (with Terri), Imbalance, and also is currently in the “Jam Band” Dented School Bus.
Ron Mansfield on Rhythm Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals is not your typical rhythm player, which is generally a lead guitarist wannabe. Ron is very content in his craft which makes him one of the best at what he does. Ron is also the prototypical rock and roll stage performer and brings his animated sense of humor with him when he plays. Previous bands include: Quintessance, Hellions, The Pedestrians, Freestyle (with John), N.E. 1. and Spank.
Brian White on Bass Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals (Seeing I’m the one who is writing this, it is hard to talk of one’s self, but I fancy myself as) a musicologist with a deep understanding of not just how music is played, but how it’s produced and recorded. I love to sing harmonies and have always thanked Brian Wilson for the ability to do so. A few of the bands I have had the pleasure of playing with: The Pedestrians (with Ron), Once Again, Plus One, Persuader (with John but sadly after Terri left), Spank (with Ron) and Elegant Trash.

Rick Mansfield on drums is truly from the “School of Ringo” when it comes to his style of playing, rock solid. Rick and Brian have been playing together for nearly 40 years. We would be the first to admit, we may not be the best at what we do but with the amount of time we have played in bands together, we form the best Rhythm section of any band around. Rick is also the jokester of the band (as most drummers are). Previous bands include: Hellions (with brother Ron), Positive ID, Once Again, Plus One (both with Brian), Spank (with Ron and Brian) and Elegant Trash (with Brian).

As you can see, Tuukis has a wealth of live musical experience and with four vocalist, an amazing harmonic sound. We are primed and ready to deliver great Rock and Roll to your club or function.


9. Scout Hall 9-9:45, 10:00-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Hot Tub Piranas – “We Will Rock You” – Classic, Modern, Southern Rock & Rockin’ Blues

Hot Tub Piranhas is a Power-Quartet that consists of 4 talented musician’s from the North Shore of Massachusetts. The Piranhas are:  John Donlon on 5-String Bass/Vox, Roy Turner on Rhythm & Lead Guitar/Vox, Paul Whitmore on Drums/Vox & Wes Thibodeau with Lead Vox/Rhythm Guitar/Percu. You can expect a lot of classic hit’s that you grew up listening to from bands like: J. C. Mellencamp, Bad Co., The Who, Cream, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Cheap Trick, The Police, Led Zeppelin,  and Aerosmith , to name a few, as well as other fantastic songs that were either a 1-hit wonder or perhaps a B-side classic that never got the media respect it should have, but the masses loved! For instance, A Girl Like You by the Smithereens, Starry Eyes by the Records, Don’t Worry Baby by Los Lobos and Long Way From Home by The Vaughan Brothers. We wanted to include a decent amount of Modern/Alt. Rock as well. We decided to cover bands like Buckcherry, Collective Soul, Daughtry, Eve 6, The Foo Fighters, Gin Blossoms, Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Puddle Of Mud, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, 3 Doors Down & Lifehouseto name a bunch! Also, we will delve into rockin’ blues classics like Stevie Ray Vaughan’s version of “The Sky Is Cryin”Southern Rock gem’s like ZZ Top’s “Waitin’ For The Bus” & “Jesus Just Left Chicago” as well as a songs from Eric Clapton and George Thorogood. We’ll even offer up a touch of Funk with songs from Wild Cherry and The Commodores, Al Green and Sam & Dave. Energy, musical tightness, talent, professionalism and most of all “FUN” will be mainstays of any Hot Tub Piranhas performance you attend, whether it’s at a club, private event, wedding or corporate function. We are 4 enthusiastic and talented musicians that want to provide the exact same thing we expect to see & hear when we go out to see a live band. The Hot Tub Piranhas not only will be the ideal band to keep your guest’s on the dance floor all evening, we will also please any music afficianado that is content in mearly listening and letting the sweet sound wash over them!  Be ready to ROCK!


10. Old Firehouse Trust BLDG 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM 

Jenny the Juggler

Jenny the Juggler is honored to be Boston’s Best (“and ONLY!”) Female Professional Juggler since 1997, transforming events into fabulous experiences with unforgettable memories for Kids “AND People!”

Jenny the Juggler is a full-time professional variety artist performing throughout Greater Boston, New England and beyond. Be it her fabulous variety show, surprising wit, spectacular face painting, dazzling balloon creations, handling of children, management of crowds, gentle coaxing of shy ones, sneaky photography, good music or any other myriad of tricks she uses to make your event magic, there is always something to bring out a smile in everyone at your event.

Raised bi-coastally between Oakland, California and Wayland, Massachusetts, Jenny earned a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she was a national champion rower.  Also a graduate of Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California, she has trained with several world masters of physical theatre including Marcel Marceau. A professional juggler since 1997, she has performed from Hawaii to England, and headlined the first  ever “Women of Juggling” Festival in Humboldt, California in May of 2005.  Her favorite thing about performing is discovering the unexpected things that “Kids and People” naturally say or do whenever she performs.  She lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and their two young, beautiful, busy, busy children.



FAMILY SHOWS: 3 delightful animal tale Puppet Shows for children of all ages: THE THREE LITTLE PIGS (England)-Responsibility and careful preparation are learned the hard way by 3 little pigs; OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM (USA)-Children’s cumulative participatory  song show featuring a giant family of cloggers and an animal that each child brings alive!; and THE UGLY DUCKLING (Denmark)-How a duckling, “ugly” and different to his peers, becomes the most beautiful bird of all.

Dora the International Explorer! Tevan of the Ethnic Arts Center presents World Puppetry. Step into an enchanted world as delightful characters come to life through folktales. Puppeteer Dora Tevan, Founder and Director of the Ethnic Arts Center has brought cultures alive since 1978 with thousands of programs including Workshops, Birthday Parties, Puppet Shows, Teacher Trainings, and International Festivals.  Dora received the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award for her brotherhood programs to children the past 35 years. Dora lives here in Rockport with her husband, Corey, Artist/Owner of the Corey Tevan Gallery and their daughter Angel who is active in many creative endeavors on Cape Ann.


10. Old Firehouse Trust BLDG 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM Alek Razdan and Willie “Loco” Alexander – Jazz & Punk

ALEK RAZDAN AND WILLIE “LOCO” ALEXANDER: BRINGING THE “ROCK” TO NEW YEAR’S ROCKPORT EVE! Ring in 2015 with the audacious double bill of Rockport’s own sax and clarinet teen phenom Alek Razdan and Gloucester’s Willie “Loco” Alexander, the renowned godfather of punk rock.  Joined by Rik Razdan on sax, Dave “Doc” Vincent on drums, Dan Whalen on guitar, and Ken Demaine on bass, they’ll produce two sets of toe-tapping, hair-raising, hip-shaking music guaranteed to get you up on your feet and dancing right on into the New Year!


11. Fish Shack Restaurant 6-6:45, 7-7:45, 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM 

Drum Jam & Parade – Jon Holland & Dragon Company

We have added another session for our parade again this year so hopefully if the first sessions are filled up, you can come and enjoy the fourth session!

Our Drum Jam & Parade is for Kids of ALLLL ages. Children AND Adults are welcomed. No experience required. Our group will bring a colorful array of drums and percussion instruments as well as a large green dancing dragon. Join us for the New Year’s Celebration as we parade down the street with you and Dragon Company. You are welcome but not required to bring your own instruments and costumes.


11. Fish Shack Restaurant 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

No Performances


12. Rockport Art Association 6-6:45, 7-7:45 & 8-8:45PM 

Wildest Dreams – Afro Pop – Reggae – Calypso – Funky Soul

Wildest Dreams members hail from Caribbean, South America, Japan & the US, melding their diverse music and cultural experiences into a dynamically fresh sound. The group has created an exciting, world beat style featuring powerful vocals, contagious rhythms and a message of harmony that blends elements of Afro-pop, reggae, calypso and funky soul. Fronted by the spirited vocals of Alice Johnson, (described by the late maestro Leonard Bernstein as “Superb”), Boston-based Wildest Dreams has performed at festivals, theatres, clubs, colleges and special events throughout the Northeastern U. S. since 1989. The band’s first CD, “One Voice!” garnered excellent reviews, airplay throughout New England and a concert tour of Aruba. Their latest CD is a musical journey entitled “Peace Planet”. Featuring soaring harmonies, compelling rhythms and imaginative arrangements, it continues their passion for blending together music from different cultures. After 23 years and more than 900 shows, Wildest Dreams has earned their reputation for extremely dynamic performances and an undeniable spirit; easily cutting across generational and cultural divides.


12. Rockport Art Association 9-11:45PM 

No Performances


13. Shalin Liu Performance Center 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

The Cape Ann Big Band


The Cape Ann Big Band will celebrate the close of its Third Season with a double performance at the Shalin Liu Performance Center as part of New Year’s Rockport Eve Celebration . Formed in December 2010, director Carlos Menezes Jr. teamed up with friends and fellow musicians Paula Burns, Shawn Lowe, Mike Lentini, and Rick Geraghty to discuss the potentials of starting up a 17-piece big band. What was once a dream, quickly became reality when Menezes found the roster full in just a week’s time. Driven by the talents of Cape Ann musicians, the Cape Ann Big Band prides itself in performing to entertain and connect with it’s local community. For Menezes, one of the great joys of the ensemble is the generational diversity among its members. Music is a worldwide language that connects people with community and penetrates the soul of both listener and performer. This is the very experience that the band strives to deliver through its powerhouse performances. Although it is not a community band in the sense of membership, it strives to connect the community through open rehearsals and public performance. For Menezes and many of his peers, the experience of music performance is something that need not cease after high school or college. For a musician, the experience of music reflects a lifelong journey of learning. Beyond the aspect of performance, the band hopes to connect with local musicians of all ages and backgrounds to inspire, challenge, and educate. Inspired by the sounds of jazz, swing, New Orleans street bands, soul, and rock n’ roll, the band prides itself in a repertoire without horizon. This season’s repertoire will feature a number of vocal and instrumental standards from the “Golden era” of swing, pop tunes, and a number of show-tunes derived from popular films. “Mack the Knife”, “New York, New York”, Van Halen’s “Jump”, “Take the A Train”, Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood”, and a medley from The Blues Brothers are just a few of the charts in this season’s repertoire. As one quickly learns, the organization, success, and mobility of any ensemble is only made possible by the efforts of its participants.

This is a group that truly operates as a family. Members include: Saxophones; Mike Lentini, Nick Capello, Ed Biggs, Steve Silva, Carlos Menezes Jr., Trumpets: Shawn Lowe, Arthur Adamson, Rick Naso, John Pearson, Trombones; Paula Burns, Tom Madore, Dana Cohen, Tim Klopotoski, Drums; Rick Geraghty, Piano; Chris Bodek, Bass; Gary Wolsieffer, Joe Cardoza, Guitar; Christian Towler.


13. Shalin Liu Performance Center 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM

What Time is it, Mr. Fox? – Smoky Cabaret, Neo-Soul and Acoustic Noir

“Time has come for Mr. Fox” 

Barry Thompson, Boston Herald

“Catch him as his star rises” 

Adam Feldman, Time Out New York (Critic’s Pick)

“a triumph of mood and style, an unforgettable musical, theatrical and emotional experience.” 

- Edge

Named after a Victorian children’s game, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? can time-travel from the woods of Medieval France to a 1930s New Orleans jukejoint. Led by the gender-defying voice of Brian King and dynamic violin of Nathan Cohen, the ensemble delivers their own brand smoky cabaret, neo-soul and acoustic noir, sounding something like Tom Waits and Annie Lennox performing in a French cafe. Their song “Cold Rain” was covered by soul legend, Irma Thomas, on her Grammy-nominated album “Simply Grand.”  What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? also features Renee Dupuis on piano, voice, and melodica, Dennis Monagle on drums, Shana Cahill and Elizabeth on backing vocals, and special guest, Joe Cardoza on bass. For info and music visit


13. Shalin Liu Performance Center 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Henri Smith New Orleans Friends & Flavours – New Orleans Jazz, Blues & Cajun flavored music

Henri Smith was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, the birthplace of Jazz. His career started in his hometown where he polished his sophisticated and dramatic vocal delivery. Then he took it on the road and thrilled audiences with his New Orleans Jazz, Blues and Cajun flavored music while touring the United States and Europe. For over 15 years Henri was a FM Radio personality on the New Orleans Jazz station WWOZ 90.7 FM. He frequently performed

and served as the emcee at “The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival”, which is the LARGEST Jazz Fest in  the world. Come out and see him live because every show is a New Orleans Mardi Gras Party!Henri released his debut CD titled  “New Orleans Friends and Flavours”.
Hurricane Katrina wiped out his home in New Orleans and he ended up moving north to the Sea Coast of Cape Ann where he now lives and shares his heritage with the kind people of New England.Henri’s band consists of Henri Smith on vocals; Amadee Castanell on saxophone, Ben on Piano, Tucker Lindquist on harmonica, John Loud on drums, and David Saginario on bass.


14. Congregational Church 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

Sorellanza – Women’s A Cappella Group

Sorellanza, the 14-member women’s a cappella group, is based in Gloucester and Rockport. Lovingly directed by Rockport resident, Patti Pike, Sorellanza was formed in 2006 and continues to draw enthusiastic audiences. Pike’s relaxed teaching style and wide-ranging repertoire choices keep the singers coming back season after season. Sorellanza has been entertaining audiences throughout Cape Ann, and in Danvers, Ipswich, Swampscott and other nearby communities with an eclectic and upbeat repertoire. Their program ranges from Renaissance to Broadway, sacred songs, rounds, traditional, contemporary, Beatles and jazz.

Their level of musicianship increases with each season, as the singers gain experience under Pike’s direction. In turn, their audiences are treated to an eclectic and wonderful musical experience. As part of their community outreach program, Sorellanza has invited talented high school seniors to audition for and join the chorus for a year. Audiences will enjoy the youthful additions to the Sorellanza sound.

Sorellanza Members are: Patti Pike, Peggy Duff, Alexandra Grace, Hannah Lynn Mell, Jen Fuller, Giusi Favaloro, Kate Stevens, Ruth Massen, Carol Carlson, Kathy Eckles, Andrea Coates Vinson, and Nancy Goodman


14. Congregational Church 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM

‘Leven – A Cappella Women’s Ensemble

‘Leven is a group of Cape Ann women who perform dynamic songs of various times and cultural traditions.  This ever-evolving and flavorful ensemble was formed in 1991, when a group of eleven enlightened ladies met at 111 Washington Street in the eleventh month of the year under the leavening influence of founder, Dawn Pratson.  Currently under the direction of Kristina Martin, two founding members Pat Maloney-Brown and Caroline Haines, carry on in harmony with Sue Bonior, Anne Hyde and Sheryl Reed, in the group’s original spirit of light, life …and oo-la-la!

The New Year’s Eve program will offer a myriad of musical suggestions for ways to capture the Joie de Vivre of 2015! with songs from Africa, Slovakia, Ireland, Appalachia, the Swing Era, the 60’s, Sweet Honey and the Rock, and even Dorothy Parker, via Gloucester’s legendary Stephen Scotti, and more.


14. Congregational Church 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Street Magic – Male a cappella Group – 50s & 60s Doo Wop

Street Magic is a male vocal quintet that performs a cappella style, without any musical accompaniment. The majority of their material consists of 50s & 60s covers offered in a contemporary inviting style. Their group has been performing together since 1980. During this time they have enjoyed steady work in the Boston area,as well as entertaining in many public, private, political and corporate events. Street magic has shared the stage with John Maestro, The Brooklyn Bridge, Ben E. King, The Spinners, The Temptations, The Harptones, The Jive Five, The Channels, The Teenagers, The Drifters, The Rob Roys, Bobby Vee, Ththe Platters, Michael Amante, Angelo Picard and Tavares. We look forward to your hearing us.


15. Congregational Church Hall 6-6:45 & 7-7:45 PM

Above Water – American rock/pop trio 

Above Water is an American rock/pop trio made of James Vassallo (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Stavros (Guitar) and Dan Gantt (Drums). Discovered and developed in early 2013 under the watchful eye of skilled indie award- winning songwriter/producer Brad Byrd, the project took flight. After seeing them perform one song, Byrd knew quickly that he was working with something very special. After months of pre-production in Massachusetts, Byrd connected them with famed rock producer/mixer Warren Huart (Fray, Aerosmith, Augustana) and Grammy award winning engineer Phil Allen (Adele) where they embarked on recording their debut “extended play” in Los Angeles, CA. After only a week of tracking in the studio, their debut EP “Blue” was cut, and the songs fully realized by Huart and his talented team of engineers. The 4 song freshman effort was eventually mastered at the legendary Gateway studios via Bob Ludwig’s right hand engineer and Grammy award winning Adam Ayan. (Release date tbd….)
James Vassallo began to play guitar as soon as he could walk. Playing at family events and school, he learned to love playing to anyone who would listen. He also developed a passion for writing music and sharing with others. James references inspirations such as John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Jeff Buckley. Jake Stavros began to play guitar when he was as young as five years old. Growing up listening to music from Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young and Jimi Hendrix he developed a love for the electric guitar and it hasn’t slowed down since. Dan Gantt has been playing drums as far as he can remember. Growing up surrounded by music he played in a band with his mother and brother as young as the age of 7. His favorites are Steve Jordan, Carter Beauford and Chad Smith.
These young talented artists have been playing at many shows across the north shore. Some of these venues include Guisseppe’s Ristorante and The Dog Bar (Gloucester, MA), The Lions Club (Peaks Island, ME), The Rockport New Years Festival and Motif #1 Day (Rockport, MA), The North Shore Mall (Danvers, MA) and other events such as weddings and a live TV performance and interview on the Local Music Scene with Allen Estes. Their masterfully crafted 4 song debut that tells a story from beginning to end and leaves listeners of all ages, moved. Stay tuned folks, and keep an ear out for “Above Water” – truly the next big thing to hit the American music teen pop scene.


15. Congregational Church Hall 8-8:45 & 9-9:45 PM

The Bar Chords – Mix of top 40 pop and rock from the 60’s to the 80’s

The Bar Chords are an energetic, three piece band from the North Shore playing a mix of top 40 pop and rock from the 60’s to the 80’s.
Brian Pike plays lead Guitar and helps out with the vocal duties.  Frank Reaney plays Bass and sings lead, and Andy DiCarlo keeps a steady beat on Drums and also shares the lead vocals with Frank.  Collectively The Bar Chords bring over 30 years of playing in front of and pleasing the crowd.  With their vast library of songs, The Bar Chords are sure to play something you can dance to.


15. Congregational Church Hall 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM

Tim Gartland Trio – Contemporary Soul infused Blues 
The Tim Gartland Trio performs critically acclaimed contemporary soul infused blues music from Tim’s well-received cd “Million Stars”.

“The Boston-based bluesman is a true triple-threat performer: equally accomplished as emotive vocalist, eloquent harmonica player, and evocative songwriter.” – Boston Globe

Tim Gartland, Bluesman Vocalist, Harmonica & Songwriter.

Tom West, piano is a long time collaborator with Tim and one of the finest piano players in New England. Tom has worked with Susan Tedeschi and J. Geils front man Peter Wolf.

Russell Keyes, bass competes the trio. Russell is a long time veteran of the New England music scene.

It was the life changing experience seeing Muddy Waters at 14 years old that would inspire Tim Gartland’s musical journey into one that would be guided by the blues. Not only did the Ohio native, now long-time Boston resident, fall in love with the blues that night, he vowed his undying devotion to the music, thus, turning him into the ‘triple threat’ (harmonica player, vocalist & songwriter) contemporary blues man that he is today. Upon moving to Chicago, Tim immersed himself in the Chicago blues scene. He studied with famed harmonica player, Jerry Portnoy (Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton) and played with such greats as Bo Diddley, Carey Bell, Big Jack Johnson and Pinetop Perkins. He has been deeply influenced by the “greats” –Little Walter for his harp playing, Ray Charles for his interpretation of a song, Willie Dixon for his song writing. Tim Gartland gives proof that with a “gritty Hendrix-like voice…The blues seldom sound so sweet” (Boston Herald). After moving to Boston in 1991, Tim became a key player in the Boston blues circuit. He also became a founding member, lead vocalist and harmonica player for popular group The Porch Rockers, which released three CDs. In 1998, he was a finalist in the Boston Blues Challenge Competition. In 2011 Tim became a published author after writing instructional book for the harmonica entitled, “The Talking Harmonica”, and in turn launched a teaching career. His passion for teaching, playing and preserving the harmonica led him to become the first harmonica teacher at the prestigious Winchester Community School. After a long run with The Porch Rockers and many guest appearances , Tim decided to embark on his solo recording career with the release of his first album on September 13, 2011 entitled, ‘Looking Into the Sun’ (Taste Good Music). The Boston Globe compared Gartland’s “veteran vocals and precision harp work” to the style of “the great bluesman Charles Musselwhite” on ‘Looking Into The Sun.’ Charles Sawyer, author of ‘The Arrival of B.B. King,’ says, “Tim is that rare combination of inspired instrumentalist, unique vocal stylist, and gifted songwriter. The fraternity of artists who can claim that hat trick is a select group and when you narrow it down to harp players/vocalists/composers it comes down to four living artists: James Harman, Mark Hummel, Rick Estrin, and, now, Tim Gartland.”


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