Motif1Welcome to NEW YEAR’S ROCKPORT EVE: the web site that is dedicated to celebration. We celebrate the future, the joy of sharing a special evening with family, friends and neighbors and our hope that a New Year will bring good health, happiness and new opportunities.





An important note from the NYRE organizer,  Claire Franklin:

I hope this is the last time I am going to have to write something of this sort!

If you got to read my program this year, I am in need of a committee to continue to plan and execute this event in 2014.

I have been doing this alone with the help of my Treasurer Don Thrasher for too many years now.

I love the fact that when I call out for volunteers for certain events I run for fundraisers throughout the year that many of you come forward to help!  Thank You!!

Bottom Line, we are short on meeting our budget again this year and need your help.  I think the frigid weather kept some families home this year.  I am trying to plan a near future dinner of some kind to raise money and maybe a dance of some kind, but in the mean time entertainers need to be paid.

If you can afford to send in a donation, no amount is too small; $5, $10, any amount will be accepted.  The checks can be made out to New Year’s Rockport Eve, Inc. (or N.Y.R.E.) and can be sent to Granite Savings Bank, PO Box 180, Rockport, MA 01966.  You could also walk in and make your donation at the bank and the tellers will send me the receipt. 

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a Healthy New Year to come.

Thank you in advance,

Claire Franklin


We hope you enjoyed our 2013 celebration! 

We will entertain you with clowns, cowboys, magicians, musicians – classical, pop, jazz, Dixieland, folk, country, gospel swing and rock and roll – ventriloquists, dance, drama, puppets, and MUCH, MUCH MORE! And, we have planned a spectacular midnight event that will be a truly memorable welcome to the beginning of a new year.

Our buttons ($15 adults, $6 children 12 & under, 3 & under, free–no button needed) are now available.

Buttons can be purchased at the following locations:

In Rockport:

New for 2013! Bean & Leaf Cafe, 12 Bearskin Neck
John Tarr Store, Main St.
Smith hardware & Lumber at the Lumber Desk, 3 Station Square
Toad Hall Bookstore, Main St.

In Gloucester:
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Commercial St.
House of Raven, Main St.
Gloucester Music, Main St.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Can I buy buttons on the 31st?

Buttons will be sold on December 31st at Spiran Hall (our headquarters) on the corner of Broadway & School Street from noon ’til 11pm.

Bean & Leaf Cafe will be selling buttons at 12 Bearskin Neck and will be open ’til Midnight on December 31st.

Plenty of on street parking downtown Rockport, no meters.

Many of our inns, B&B’s, and motels will be open and we suggest you make your reservations early. Click on the Food/Lodging link for a list of Rockport Inns with links to many of their web sites courtesy of

As a non-profit organization, we are continually engaged in fundraising. Besides tax-free donations (which we would welcome – make checks payable to NYRE, Inc.), we are offering items for sale. Please click on the Store button on the site navigation to order NYRE souvenirs.

Donations to help NYRE may be made at any time.

Welcome , today is Saturday, November 1, 2014